Beevers models

The Beevers Miniature Models Range

Beevers models are made on the scale of 1cm=1, or 1cm=2 for proteins.

Acrylic balls are drilled to give precise bond angles and stainless steel rods specially cut to give bonds to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The models are excellent for teaching and research and their attractive colouring makes them particularly suitable for enhancing mineral collections in museum displays.

The compact scale of the models makes it possible to examine many unit cell repeats of most structures, or even to have a complete turn of the DNA double helix on a desk top!

Models can be mounted for presentation purposes. The individuality of our models allows the customer to select their own choice of colours from the 20 in our range.

molecular model of biotite
molecular model of haemoglobin

The Beevers Protein Models are constructed with one ball per amino-acid residue on the scale of 1cm=2.

Drilled balls and cut rods can be supplied for self assembly. Unlisted structural models can normally be made using your own crystallographic parameters or the relevant journal reference.