3D printed models

We are delighted to be able to offer 3-D printed models, either in native printed fawn, or hand painted to your requirements.  All that we require is your molecule as a pdb, cif, xyz or similar file format. The molecules can be modified with magnets or velcro to emulate intermolecular or intramolecular bonds


Birch pollen antigen

Multiple models of Hepcidin for conference gifts

Shown below is Fmoc-AA, which forms a variety of geometric assemblies such as sheets, rods or micelles.  The model was built to allow Ph.D. students to explain their research to school pupils through an interactive engagement.   The rods on the stand constrain the positions of the aromatic rings, while the d+ and d- poles of the intermolecular hydrogen bonds are modelled using the North and South poles of miniature high strength magnets.  The challenge to the school pupils is to build a sheet structure with 16 Fmoc-AA units with these constraints!