Molecular model with illuminated base



Molecular model of rubrene with unit cell



Cerocene molecular model




Molecular models with extra features


The images on this page illustrate just a few features that we can add to your models to make them stand out. Example features include, but are certainly not limited to:


  • Extra large sizes of models (effectively without limit)
  • Perspex, wood or stone bases
  • Inclusion and highlighting of unit cell boundaries
  • Magnetic removable / replaceable atoms
  • Magnetic base to allow model removal from display
  • Metallisation of models
  • Inclusion of lattice planes
  • Illumination in the base
  • Turntable display
  • Abstract depiction of space groups
  • Models made from perspex, brass or other metals

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements - if we haven't already done it before, we'll find a way to do it.



l'oreal display with gold molecular model


Molecular model of thermolysin

Molecular model of space group Ia-3d



Molecular model of LiFePO4





Giant molecular model