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Giant Molecular Models - detachable models


Our original giant molecular models were intended for use in static displays, but we have since modified them and developed models that can be detached and reattached. The balls incorporate stubs that the rods fit onto, just as with miniature model kits. Unlike most model kits, though, there are no pre-defined contents to any of our sets of balls and rods - you only have to buy what you need to use. Balls with only single bonds are supplied as individual units; due to the way that they are constructed, balls with multiple bonds (C=C, C=N, C=O, etc.) are supplied only in pairs (or higher multiples in the case of, for example, allenes).

The models are suitable for lecturers to demonstrate various aspects of chemical structure or shape, or even for use in children's education centres to introduce them to the basics of how atoms fit together. How you use them is up to you.




Giant molecular models